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Young Adult, Fiction, Environment, Ocean, Pollution, Educational, Marine Animals

The Ocean Adventure Of The Droplet Twins
by Pauline C. Gordon

The Droplet Twins and the Nutrients are on a new mission! Deadly horrendous pollutants have accumulated in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans creating havoc with marine life.

A massive ship is magically constructed to use in eliminating the pollutants and what follows is four months of electrifying adventures, underwater hazardous occurrences and terror on the high seas.

A tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat and at the same time make you truly aware of the immediate pollution problems in our oceans!

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After a busy life in various careers, Gordon experienced sudden continuous dreams that led to writing her second book to alert humanity of the damage being done in the oceans and marine life of our world.

MIxing fiction with nonfiction, adding magic with electrifying exciting adventures, Gordon writes a book that pre-teens, teenagers and adults will enjoy and remember the real message of the book; then react to pollution and do something about it.

Gordon is so serious in cleaning up the oceans, rivers and lakes that she has issued a challenge to the Science World to invent a biodegradable product to replace plastics that is used for ten minutes and thrown away.


Pauline C. Gordon

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