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Voice of the Ancients: Dawn cover

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Prehistoric, Ancient, Brown Bones, Suspense, mystery, Dinosaur embryo, Artifacts, Ivory carving

Voice of the Ancients: Dawn
by Cha Rnacircle

The howling, bone chilling wind blew the moisture from the snowflakes making them flat... They cut like chips of stone and stacked higher and higher. On a cold dark night when the North wind blows, you can hear the voices of the ancient people. They laughed, they cried... they lived, they died... They keep whispering to me. I’ll tell you what they say, you MUST listen...

Cha Rnacircle photo

Clovis, New Mexico is where Cha was born. With great interest in crafts, she tanned hides, worked with buckskin and did hair. Cha learned to spin and weave in Mexico and taught weaving in Eastern New Mexico University. After living in New Mexico for twenty-eight years, she went to Alaska to learn to do gold work... Cha proved to be too creative and was let go from her position in the gold industry. She then had the opportunity to learn to carve. She loved using fossil walrus ivory and bone from ancient animals. Most of the ivory she used was broken artifacts. She imagined that she was carving the faces of those ancient makers. She learned to “read” the artifacts and their stories. Later in life through DNA testing, she learned her ancestors came from Siberia... Her Mother’s work in geneaology showed Cherokee blood...


Cha Rnacircle
Bruce Shingledecker
Jenny Fremlin

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