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Spiritual warfare, Spiritual authority, Divine intervention, Prayer warrior, Spiritual battles, Supernatural enemy, Supernatural realm

Commanding The Realms & Elements
by Ruth Owusu

People all over the world are different in so many ways, but when it comes to the area of life they struggle with most, virtually everyone gives the same answer: relationships. As humans, we were made to connect with others, which is why relationships are so important to us. When they’re working, they can be the source of our greatest joy. But when relationships fail, it can lead to hopelessness, isolation, and despair.

What many people don’t realize is that behind every relationship is an invisible spiritual dimension, and sometimes the relational challenges we face arise not from the people involved but from unseen forces seeking to sabotage, discourage, and destroy intimacy. It’s one thing fighting someone you can see, but it’s a completely different story when your opponent hides behind the scenes and attacks you when you least expect it. We were born fighting to protect our territory. We fight to stay alive and to thrive daily, which is why we are tired and easily stressed, because we have been fighting from day one.

What can you do when you’re unable to take it anymore? Get behind the scenes, pull your spiritual opponent out of the darkness and into the light, and then use the right weapon to destroy him. Inspired by Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, this book explains how to live and grow in the supernatural realm by accessing the keys revealed in Scripture. It outlines a proven strategy to restore your life and relationships and make them everything God created them to be.

For years, author Ruth Owusu struggled to find her purpose in life. When she finally discovered her calling, she realized that knowledge of a matter is not the same as accomplishment. To attain full-scale breakthroughs, knowledge must be applied. This insight led her to search for divine answers to her struggles and to share her findings with others, particularly Christians and people who are hungry and thirsty for the raw power that is only available from God. Ruth has made that power known in this book and in her first publication, Where Evil Dwells. She lives in California, where she is currently studying psychotherapy.


Ruth Owusu

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