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  • Being Joy

    A 40-day program to heal your life and change the world by

    Being Joy™ is a comprehensive 40-day program for adults of all ages who may be feeling that something is missing in their lives. Perhaps they don't feel the same passion for what they do anymore or who they are. Or they may feel overwhelmed with ...

  • I Quit! Oh wait, I'm the Mom

    A practical guide to finding your joy again by

    What is the number one priority of being a parent? Taking care of yourself! If you’re constantly on the run, never seem to have enough time, and frequently feel overwhelmed, this little book could save you and your family. Today is the day you ...

  • Mommy?

    Jagged Pieces Along the Road to Dementia by

    Age gracefully “Miss Hilda” did not. She fought like hell: dug in her heels, kicked, stomped, and cussed all the way to dementia. As her caregiver and advocate, the author became Mommy all at once to a stubborn toddler, sexually precocious teenager, ...

  • Manage Your Stress

    A Practical Approach by

    The natural role of the present day man is anxiety. The story of stress is as old as humanity. Life itself centers on stress and how to conquer it. The word stress cuts across all disciplines. In physics and engineering it connotes load, in biology ...

  • Keys to a Fearless Life

    Five Secrets to Overcoming Life's Greatest Challenges by

    Suddenly your palms are sweating, your heart is racing, and your mind cannot focus. Your world begins to spin and your nervous systems kicks into high gear. You are experiencing fear. Fear is an overwhelming emotion. It can handcuff one’s life ...

  • Inner Peace Made Easy

    A Simple, Practical Guide to Living a Happier Life by

    Every day we’re bombarded with information on world events that are almost too much to process. Add marketing that’s designed to make us want more — more and better — and you have a recipe for free-floating stress, anxiety and debt. But, if you’re ...

  • Listen to Your Heart

    Using Mindfulness to Make Choices That Are Right for You by

    If you have ever struggled with decision-making, with wondering what is the right or the best thing to do; if you have ever regretted choices you have made and wished you had a reliable and consistent method of knowing you are making the right ...

  • Confessions of an Ex Hot Mess

    10 Steps to Beat Stress and Feel Your Best by

    A Hot Mess (n.): Someone whose thoughts and appearance are in a state of disarray but who still maintains an undeniable beauty and allure. Are you sick of self-help books putting you to sleep? Would you like to transform your life but don’t know ...

  • Mindfulness Starts Here

    An Eight-Week Guide to Skillful Living by

    Living a rushed, demanding life and wishing for mental calm to deal with the difficulties you face? Stressed out by tangled thoughts and frazzled feelings? Mindfulness Starts Here offers you a way to ease stress with clear instructions on these ...