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  • Old

    A Time For the Soul To Flourish by

    Do you fear old age? After retiring from a ministry career of over twenty years, 88-year old author, Ione Grover, was disturbed at how western society marginalized and dismissed its elders. This viewpoint prompted a new life calling of searching and ...

  • Finding The Perfect Person

    The Journey to Finally Getting It Right by

    Finding the person to live a fulfilling life with is not easy. Relationships, like life, have their ups and downs, and sometimes you need to make mistakes before you can find the right path. Finding the Perfect Person presents the dual memoirs of ...

  • The Caretaker


    Roberta Dupont found herself as her husband’s caretaker during the last ten years of his life. His last five years were spent in two long- term care facilities where Roberta spent four days out of every week making sure his needs were met, as well ...

  • Launching Solo

    The First Year of Single People’s Retirement by

    Contrary to simplistic portrayals of either blissful relaxation or bewildered depression, adjusting to retirement is every bit as complex and ambiguous as life’s other transitions. In Launching Solo, six retirees describe what actually happened ...

  • Assisting Seniors at Home

    A Planning Guide for Families and Caregivers by

    Most families in need of assistance for senior caregiving have two questions: "Can you, please, help us? How do we go about this? We don't even know where to start." This is the overshadowing climate that exists until a navigational chart is ...

  • The Mindful Boomer

    Skills for Aging and Dying by

    IF YOU’VE REACHED A CERTAIN AGE, you may be wondering about the “golden years” and when they’ll start. But, as many Baby Boomers will tell you, sometimes it feels more like rusting, as chronic conditions make themselves known . . . and felt. The ...

  • Timely Actions

    A Guide to a Better Life and Retirement by

    Kenneth Glover has been giving advice to his three children and four granddaughters for years. Now those outside of his family will have the opportunity to benefit from his wealth of experience colored by his real-life anecdotes in this book. From ...

  • Living Into the 100s - Wow!


    Iris Ford loves being near the ocean as she grew up in Bermuda! She has always had a great interest in sharing her life story and as she enters her eighties many of her friends are entering their nineties, and even one is in her hundreds. Iris now ...