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  • What Happened To My Auntie


    A little boy gets so excited when his auntie comes over to play with him. However, one day his auntie explains to him that she lives with several conditions that cause her body to be in chronic pain. Find out how this little boy feels and what he ...

  • Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?


    Mom has plenty of things left on her “To Do” list, but when little Sam gets some big ideas for play, she remembers her priorities. With kid-friendly photo illustrations, and a simple but compelling message for both caregivers and kids, Are You ...

  • My Banana Tree


    As fast as her little legs would carry her, she ran outside to the back yard. Awaiting her arrival, was a magical sight! "IT IS a magical day!" she joyously exclaimed! Before her, stood a little tree growing out of the soil where she and her mother ...

  • Find Your Feather


    I was encouraged to write and illustrate this book by an individual who is a Native American, who continues to honor and be involved with the people of his heritage. He has successfully blended his Native culture with the modern American world. It ...

  • A Bug, A Slug, and a Ladybug


    A bug is a bug, and a slug is a slug. And everyone knows . . . bugs and slugs DO NOT mix! But when Barney the bug and Sally the slug fall in love, bugs everywhere begin to question what they were so sure of before. The entire bug kingdom watches as ...

  • The Adventures of Landon and Lucy


    Landon and Lucy, they are the best of friends . . . and no matter the season, there are adventures to be had! In these four rhyming stories, follow Landon and Lucy’s escapades through Winter Frolics, Spring Frenzies, Summer Frazzles, and Fall ...

  • She Is


    She Is is a powerful poetic homage to the special place a daughter keeps in a mother’s heart. Join a daughter and her mother in this heartfelt story of a girl’s life, as seen through her mother’s eyes.

  • My Holly

    A Story Of A Brother's Understanding and Acceptance by

    This is a story about a young boy named Jack, and the feelings he’s had about his little sister Holly, who has special needs. Jack sometimes feels sad because he wants his mom or dad to play with him and his Mega Power People, or take him to his ...

  • From Your First Heartbeat

    A Love Story for My IVF Babies by

    Sometimes babies come into a family in the old-fashioned way, but sometimes parents need to try extra hard to have a baby and have to go to a doctor for help. But mommies and daddies don’t mind taking a few extra steps if it means their dream of ...

  • A Christmas Penguin's Wish


    This is a fictional story that young children, who love to dream and own stuffed toys, will enjoy reading. Everyone dreams sometime, why shouldn't stuffed toys have dreams? Can an ordinary stuffed penguin's dream come true on Christmas Eve? Or will ...