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  • The Magic Umbrella

    Bratasaurus Vs Tyrannosaurus by

    Kwadan and Jorku would like to invite you to join them under their beautiful magical umbrella and soar to exciting places as they see different things while learning to understand and communicate with each other. Kwadan and his son Jorku are very ...

  • My Mom, the Magician


    My Mom, The Magician is a charming tribute to hair stylists and the magic they create. In this story, we meet an imaginative little boy who is amazed by the transformations that take place in his mother's hair salon. The young audience is asked to ...

  • Happy Mother's Day

    mamma MIA! by

    Is your mother tall or is she short? Does she play hockey? Does she score? Does she walk you to school? Or would that be uncool? Written with love, humor, and delight, Happy Mother’s Day mamma MIA! is an illustrated poem that celebrates Mother’s ...

  • Weebits In The Garden


    Why do parents yell at their children? What should children do when their parents yell? How should they feel? It’s Emily’s birthday and she is banished outside. “I wanted to make Mom happy,” Emily explained. “…and she ...

  • Greyson’s Shoes


    Greyson is a preschooler with Autism who views the world through a very different lens. He loves playing outside, but he hates having his shoes on. His dad wants to make sure he doesn’t step in something gross, but Greyson doesn’t understand this, ...

  • So There's a Sibling


    In So There’s a Sibling, a mother explains to her young child that a new baby is on the way, touching on the worries and excitement of growing a family. What if you cry? What if you fight? How will we handle being up through the night? With all ...

  • So You Want To Be A Cowboy


    Parents and children will delight in the joy of reading these stories together and singing along as they share values such as politeness, responsibility, and loyalty. So You Want to Be a Cowboy entertains the listener/reader and will spark ...

  • Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?


    Mom has plenty of things left on her “To Do” list, but when little Sam gets some big ideas for play, she remembers her priorities. With kid-friendly photo illustrations, and a simple but compelling message for both caregivers and kids, Are You ...

  • My Banana Tree


    As fast as her little legs would carry her, she ran outside to the back yard. Awaiting her arrival, was a magical sight! "IT IS a magical day!" she joyously exclaimed! Before her, stood a little tree growing out of the soil where she and her mother ...

  • She Is


    She Is is a powerful poetic homage to the special place a daughter keeps in a mother’s heart. Join a daughter and her mother in this heartfelt story of a girl’s life, as seen through her mother’s eyes.