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  • The Race


    Follow Finley Parker on his very first race through the neighbourhood. Join him as he encounters twists, turns and a surprise friend along the way.

  • Fitz Goes to the Pool


    Every Friday, three-year-old Fitz spends the day with his grandparents while his two dads go to work. Today, his Gramma and Granfa take him to Gollywobble Pool to splash and play and eat yummy snacks. Fitz thinks he sees an octopus in the water, but ...

  • Mr. Aeroplane


    Chanté, an innocent sweet four-year-old is eager for a sibling and follows her mother’s advice to ask aeroplanes to drop a baby. After some disappointments, a beautiful dream and the help of her friends Chanté finally gets the baby brother she’s ...

  • Silly Sally Sue

    The Beginning by

    Silly Sally Sue was created for my son Brandon when he was only three and over time when my daughter was born Sally become an every day story. I had fun creating her and her friends. Sally's silly ways and her and her friends adventures. In the ...

  • Daddy's Wish


    Daddy's Wish is the story of an excited soon-to-be father who can't wait for the arrival of his baby girl and all of the wonderful possibilities it could bring. This book is dedicated to the important, unique and timeless bond between Dads and ...

  • Grandma Do I Have a Home


    This book blossomed from a teaching moment when a little one asked, “Grandma, do I have a home?” As a grandmother wanting to put a child’s mind at ease, this story was created. The story is about a young child named Blake who has always lived with ...

  • Winston Wiggles


    Winston is a curious and thoughtful little wombat who has questions and ideas about the world. Winston's family encourages and helps him with his discoveries and adventures. Tonight Winston has caught a case of the wiggles. He is so excited about ...

  • Winston Winks


    A curious and thoughtful little wombat, Winston is always trying new things and wondering about one thing or another. Luckily, his always loving and patient mom is there to offer encouragement, affection, and the answers to all of his questions―of ...

  • Tuesdays with Henry

    Making Moments with Grandma Ellen by

    Henry’s great-grandma, Grandma Ellen, calls him “Little One” because she forgets his name. She forgets a lot of other things too and doesn’t have many memories left because she has something called dementia. Henry’s Gram says, “That’s okay, Henry! ...

  • StonePenny lll

    The Watcher by

    'The Watcher' is the third book in the StonePenny trilogy. Spring is in the air, but so is trouble. Jen's eleventh birthday has arrived, she and her best friends, Tray and Mack celebrate with their most daring adventure in space-time. They are ...