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  • The Stigma of Mental Illness

    Been There... Maybe, I Could Help? by

    Written by a man with first-hand knowledge of the ravages of mental illness, The Stigma of Mental Illness provides a hard-hitting, realistic, and at time humourous look at a variety of conditions and disorders and their impact on sufferers and their ...

  • Mastering the Power of your Emotions 2nd Ed

    How to control what happens in you irrespective of what happens to you by

    Mastering the Power of Your Emotions has a simple but undeniable premise: Emotions are at the centre of everything we do. If you can control your emotions, you can control your life. But as straightforward as this sounds, most people are not the ...

  • Mute Children


    How do you recover from the trauma of suicide, especially when the person who took his life was your father, and the event happened when you were just six years old? The short answer is, you can’t—at least not fully. Such events don’t just happen to ...

  • Manage Your Stress

    A Practical Approach by

    The natural role of the present day man is anxiety. The story of stress is as old as humanity. Life itself centers on stress and how to conquer it. The word stress cuts across all disciplines. In physics and engineering it connotes load, in biology ...

  • Get Up and Keep Going

    How to overcome your greatest pain and become who you were born to be. by

    Suffering and loss are a part of life. Whether it’s a divorce, a layoff, a death, a physical illness, financial loss, or other significant life change, as human beings we all go through events that create emotional pain and turmoil. Feelings of ...

  • My Life

    Not Mine to Control by

    Colette Keefe brings us an emotional, poignant account of her turbulent childhood in which she was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. Into her adulthood, these traumatic experiences manifested themselves in an array of mental illnesses, ...

  • You are Not Your Depression

    Finding Light in a Dark Place by

    You are Not Your Depression challenges the feelings of hopelessness experienced by the depressed and offers practical suggestions about how to use their resources to deal with the dark periods. Karin Porter discusses everything from getting out of ...

  • Sticks and Stones

    A journey from depression and suicidal thoughts by

    Sticks and Stones is based on fifty years of personal experience. Journal excerpts and poetry are used to enhance an understanding of the emotional turmoil of depression and suicidal ideation. The final coming together of positive approaches and ...

  • Heart Of Love Evolution

    Surviving Depression by

    Heart of Love Evolution is a powerful, emotional journey through depression and suicidal thoughts. Depression is born out of life experiences. It is the giving up of hope, the belief that no one cares for you and the thought that suicide is the ...