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anxiety, panic attacks, journaling, mindfulness, meditation, depression, mental health

Riding the Depression Wave
A Journey of Recovery from Surviving to Thriving
by Shelly Miller

This book tells the story of one woman’s journey deep into the darkness of mental illness and then back into the light. Thanks to the help she received from various professional supports, programs, and community resources, she gained both the skills and confidence to adopt and refine a number of healing strategies. With these, she was able to re-examine beliefs and tendencies that likely contributed to her fall into depression and anxiety, discover things she could do to address those issues, and eventually work towards creating a healthier path for herself moving forward.

This is a story many of us will recognize: the sudden descent from being a functioning member of society to feeling lost—a captive to mental and emotional reactions seemingly outside of our control. Many of us experience it ourselves at some point in our lives, and if we don’t, someone we love almost certainly will. And not all of us find our way back. This author managed to, with lots of help and perseverance, and now she wants to help you to find your way back too, one small step at a time.

For every book sold a donation will be made to mental health organizations to support programming.

“For anyone seeking to understand themselves or their loved ones through depression and anxiety, this book is invaluable, and a must read.”

—Mabel Hsin, M.D., Author of Ahead of the Curve: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic and How They Help Us Achieve Health and Happiness

With a degree in sociology, and a background in human resources and education, Shelly Miller is not a mental health professional, therapist, psychologist, or physician. However, she does know what it feels like to have her world fall apart, seemingly out of the blue and for no reason, as well as what it is like to have to struggle to put the pieces of that life back together. The difference between her and so many others who live with depression and anxiety is that she was lucky enough to have access to resources many people either find closed to them, or to be beyond their ability to utilize, for a variety of reasons.

With this book, she hopes to close that gap, becoming a resource, sharing the skills, knowledge, insights, and healing modalities she gained within those forums. Using the information she acquired, Shelly developed templates and processes to help guide your introspective reflections, identify your needs and create your own individualized plan to move forward.

Offering her experiential knowledge now with people enduring similar struggles, feeling alone and incapable of finding a way back to themselves; Shelly is proof that you can.


Shelly Miller

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