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  • Oh, I Wish I Were A Turtle


    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a turtle? To carry your home wherever you go? In this delightful rhyming story for young readers, children are invited to imagine what life would be like if we could all live like turtles do—connected to ...

  • The Lion and the Clever Tortoise


    The Tortoise and Other Animal Tales is a collection of animal fables which helps explain things in the natural world to children such as why the Lion prey on other animals, why the Birds live in the sky, why the Pig snorts and sniffs the dirt, why ...

  • Can't Transitions To Can

    With A Friend Who's True Blue by

    A transgender ant feels frustrated because her body looks red, but she dreams of being indigo-colored instead. A cisgender turtle wants to try to jump so high she touches the sky. When they meet, the ant is torn between revealing her true identity ...

  • The Great Global Pause

    Inspired by Life on Earth in 2020 by

    A young child is swimming in the ocean when a giant Sea Turtle swims by. The Grandmother Turtle, named Keola, takes the child on an underwater adventure, showing an abundance of healthy ocean life that began to flourish after the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

  • Harriet the Hatchling Is In Trouble


    Fall in love with the natural wonders of Mother Earth on Anna Maria Island as Harriet, the Scout Hatchling, must quickly lead all her 100 brothers and sisters to the ocean escaping predators. Tonight without the moonlight, she has become lost. Join ...

  • The Adventures of Mao Tse Turtle


    The Adventures of Mao Tse Turtle is a story about the perils and pleasures of freedom. Mao ventures far from home and has neither the speed of the horse nor the strength of the tiger to protect him. Instead, he uses his hard shell and quick mind to ...

  • Little Turtle Gets Lost


    Many children’s books personify animals to convey a certain message. LITTLE TURTLE GETS LOST is one of them. It is the story of a small turtle who lives in a lake but does not appreciate his home. Without any plan in mind, he leaves searching for ...