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turtles, lakes, animals, nature, getting lost, lake animals and plants, lake habitat

Little Turtle Gets Lost
by Jean Gnap

Many children’s books personify animals to convey a certain message. LITTLE TURTLE GETS LOST is one of them. It is the story of a small turtle who lives in a lake but does not appreciate his home. Without any plan in mind, he leaves searching for some place quieter. But of course he finds out that “Home is the best place and perhaps the safest.” P.S. Oh, by the way, do you know that some fictional stories turn out to be true? In a small town, south west of Chicago, the Mayor Eugene Simpson had a vision to convert an old dump site into a beautiful nature area housing a manmade lake. Thanks to his vision the lake is now home to many native plants and animals. Little Turtle and I sincerely thank Charlotte Moore for her gracious assistance in helping Little Turtle return home.

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Jean, a former science teacher and recently retired book store owner, lives with her husband John, a Vietnam war veteran, in a small suburb south west of Chicago. Jean and John have three adult children , three grandchildren and a dog named Maggie.


Jean Gnap
J.P. Roberts

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