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Fables, Animal stories, Tortoise, Creation stories, Natural world, Morals

The Lion and the Clever Tortoise
by C. Victory

The Tortoise and Other Animal Tales is a collection of animal fables which helps explain things in the natural world to children such as why the Lion prey on other animals, why the Birds live in the sky, why the Pig snorts and sniffs the dirt, why the Tortoise has a shell, why the Tortoise has a shattered shell and so on.

In this book, the Tortoise, showcased his cleverness to other animals when he rescued the gullible Goat from the Lion. But before this time, the Lion made a law that no animal was allowed to hurt another animal; this was about to change. Why would the goat need to be rescued from the Lion? How did the little Tortoise rescue the goat from the powerful Lion? Why does the Lion prey on other animals? This beautiful story has all the answers.

C. Victory is a writer whose favorite pet is the Tortoise. He holds a strong opinion that the Tortoise is the only animal that cannot be charmed with a spell, but can be used to make a spell potent. He is a writer and an illustrator who has written many animal tales and bed time stories for children. He resides in the Western part of Canada, and also treasures time with his wife, kids and pets. For more information, visit his website:


C. Victory

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