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  • Feel Like It

    Makeover Your Motivation To Move and Live Happliy Ever Active by

    Break Up with Failing Fitness What’s your relationship with physical activity? Are you single and still searching for love? Do you keep returning to your “ex” hoping things will change? Or are you feeling lost, unsure what your "type" is in the ...

  • Teaching Aqua Yoga


    Teaching Aqua Yoga is an exciting and fresh look at how to combine two very popular fitness disciplines. Aqua fit instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers – and in fact, anyone looking to add the amazing benefits of aqua yoga in their own lives ...

  • A Playful Life

    Think, Move, & Eat Your Way To More Fun by

    Our society has never had as many food choices as we do now, and yet we are suffering from food based illnesses in numbers never seen. We are stressed, and exhausted, living on fast forward but never quite accomplishing all we want. Do you feel ...

  • Journey Into Health

    Inspiring Lessons in Fitness and Business by

    If you’re looking for a typical fitness book, this isn’t it — and that’s a good thing! Part memoir, part reference book, and part motivational text, Journey into Health: Inspiring Lessons in Fitness and Business speaks to those who are interested ...

  • Olga

    The O.K. Way to a Healthy, Happy Life by

    In my ninth decade, I am enjoying aging gracefully. Growing old happens whether we like it or not, so why not make the best of these years? I learned early on to focus less on my age and more on how I age. With a little practice and perseverance we ...

  • Hugh Gives You (TM) 4 Fantastic Fitness/Fat Loss Methods To Use!


    Do you want to hit fitness personal bests? Or lose lots of fat? Or both? Are you a smoker, a drinker, or a junk food junkie? Are you new to fitness, or coming back to it after lounging, lazing, and lolling for years? No matter. With the four ...

  • Exercises for Cancer Survivors


    Exercises for Cancer Survivors Stretching and Strength Training Some cancer survivors are under the impression that inactivity will decrease fatigue and speed recovery. However, exercising during and after cancer surgery and treatments is helpful ...

  • Sex, Lies and Triathlon


    Triathletes are a unique breed. Amateur triathlete and humorist Leib Dodell has been living among them for years, often chronicling their foibles and eccentricities in the pages of Inside Triathlon magazine. Whether you are a beginning triathlete, a ...