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mindset, fitness, physical activity, exercise adherence, exercise motivation, commitment, psychology, healthy living, active lifestyle

Feel Like It
Makeover Your Motivation To Move and Live Happily Ever Active
by Kelly Doell

Break Up with Failing Fitness

What’s your relationship with physical activity? Are you single and still searching for love? Do you keep returning to your “ex” hoping things will change? Or are you feeling lost, unsure what your "type" is in the first place?

Dr. Kelly Doell creatively uses unique lessons from the fitness field, classic health research, and a splash of insightful wisdom from unconventional sources to help you transform your motivation to move. Using evidence-based tips and strategies, Feel Like It will help you to:

- stop relying on willpower so often;

- define your unique “Mighty Motive” for more fulfilling fitness;

- harden your loyalty with new mental skills and drills;

- inject more purpose into your fitness journey;

- sustain an active lifestyle long enough to get the benefits experts rave about.

If you’re tired of wasting your time, money, and energy on programs, memberships, and equipment that you eventually neglect, this book is for you.

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Dr. Kelly Doell is a fitness motivation expert who specializes in sustainable physical activity. A former university lecturer, he holds a doctorate in population health, a master’s in sport, physical activity, and health intervention, and is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. He’s worked in the health & fitness industry in a variety of capacities, including in sales, on the fitness floor, and as loyalty consultant. He currently lives in Ottawa, Canada, where he spends his free time falling off his mountain bike, fumbling through yoga poses, and flailing in outdoor community fitness workouts. Kelly also shares his perspectives on the mental side of fitness by hosting a podcast called Happily Ever Active: Cracking the Consistency Code.


Kelly Doell

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