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Greek mythology, Medusa, devouring mother, archetypes, rebirth, love and autonomy, philosophy

The Song and the Swallow
Authenticity and Love
by Matthew Anghelos March

Our need for meaning and substance is ubiquitous in the human condition, but how do we reliably find meaning? How are we susceptible to doing it the wrong way? What does this look like, what is produced, and why we should avoid it?

Using archetypal themes found in Greek mythology, readers are challenged to contemplate how Medusa’s role as the devouring mother is relevant today. Whether in relationships between parent and child, significant others, or even government and citizens, how we care and fail to care authentically shapes our world. Thought-provoking and probing, this book encourages readers to examine, challenge, and reroute in the pursuit of “authentic love.”

Matthew Anghelos March is a philosopher in the pursuit of helping humanity. With a focus on logic, ethics, and epistemology, he attempts to provide useful perspectives that anyone can adopt to find meaning in their life, and ultimately, truth. He hosts a philosophy podcast that promotes critical thinking and honest discussion. Though he once planned to become a vigilante, he now works to redeem himself as an instructor for the federal government, delivering a variety of material including mental health courses designed to help officers reduce workplace stress and PTSD. He has a keen interest in the welfare of others, and is always seeking to develop his understanding of human nature and the human condition. He lives in Milton, Ontario, with his books.


Matthew Anghelos March

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