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  • Lost - 7 hours to Live

    The Paul Kerr story and his 2nd chance at life. by

    It was a beautiful early summer day on the Kootaney's one to remember. I was home, My town that I knew well and the people knew me. Carbon Compound helmet on I headed out for a bike ride up Grey Creek Pass. On my return that afternoon something ...

  • Dream Catcher and Reconciliation


    Wally du Temple, who was a social worker during the Sixties Scoop of aboriginal children, presents a convincing case for the need of reconciliation with First Nations and also with Mother Earth.

  • Mom's (Mis)Adventures


    This book speaks of the adventures and misadventures of an everyday housewife. It includes falls and tumbles from trees and ladders, rock piles and piers. It also includes various stays in the hospital for everything from poison ivy to stitches and ...

  • Mastering The Battle of Belief

    Establishing and Sustaining Positive Belief by

    Are you struggling to be happy? Are you not content with life? Do you find that you fight to be positive? Mastering the battle of belief gives you insight into how to turn that around and why it’s important to do so. Physically everything consists ...

  • Dreamers Refuse to Be Victims

    Per Ardua ad Astra (From Adversity to the Stars by

    Upheaval. Flight. Terror. Insecurity. Milan Voticky and his family faced all of this when the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939 forced them to escape to Shanghai. Liberated from the Shanghai ghetto in 1945, the Voticky family made their way ...

  • Forget the Bitch, Get Rich


    Forget the Bitch, Get Rich tells the riveting and powerful story of Delia Annmargaret. Delia shares her powerful story of how she deals with betrayal—and the bitch she blames for her cruel twist of fate—she is tormented with thoughts of ...

  • Forgiven

    A Journey Through Love, Pain, and Self-Discovery by

    Forgiven relates the trials and troubles that have brought author Najah Williams to where she is today: a woman right with God; a survivor of abuse—committed by others and permitted, time and again, by herself; a fulfilled mother and a published ...

  • Medicine The Dirty Profession

    A Life Long Struggle of A Medical Doctor by

    Don’t Trust Your Doctor! Do you know what to do when a loved one gets sick? Or, do you know how to handle medical information that a doctor gives you? And furthermore, can you trust what your doctor tells you? Medicine the Dirty Profession is a ...

  • The Road to India

    My Fourteen Months Traveling Overland in Asia by

    The year is 1961. After five months touring Greece, Egypt, and the Middle East, Henry Holt's next five months traveling through the heart of India led him to amazing adventures: two weeks in the jungle hunting a man-eating tiger, a hike through the ...

  • Diary of a Mad Travel Writer

    Discovery and Misadventure on the Path Less Taken by

    When Carolyn Walton, journalist and mother of four, pitched her first travel story to the Ottawa Citizen in 1984, recounting her adventures in Rio de Janeiro, little did she realize that she was about to embark on a remarkable career that would span ...