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  • We Are All Immigrants


    The immigrant journey is often complex. Every person who came to Canada for a better life faced hardships and paid a price to be here. In We Are All Immigrants, author Douglas Arch, the son of immigrants, explores the untold stories of diverse ...

  • What a Coincidence!

    It's The Stories We Tell That Define Us by

    “What a Coincidence!” is a collection of life stories, some of which are the author’s own and others that were shared with him. Some are coincidences. Others are simple experiences that shaped those who lived them. Some come in the form of letters ...

  • The Professor and the Plumber

    Conversations About Equality and Inequality by

    Two cousins meet for dinner. Who are they? Why is a plumber arguing with a professor? They begin to discuss one of the great problems of our time - inequality. Can they find solutions? Can they agree on the meaning of equality? Follow their ...

  • Women Unsilenced

    Our Refusal to Let Torturer-Traffickers Win by

    Women Unsilenced explores the impact of unthinkable violence committed against women and girls through multiple perspectives—women’s recall of life-threatening ordeals of torture, human trafficking, and organized crime, society’s failure to ...

  • Canadian Colonialism

    Past and Present by

    For anyone interested in Canadian history and past and present racism in Canada, this is a thoroughly researched exploration of Canada’s history of internal colonialism, starting in the mid-1800s. The author gives thirty examples of Canadian ...

  • Humanizing Medicine: Making Health Tangible

    Memoirs of Engagement with a Global Development Network by

    Covering more than forty years, this engaging memoir chronicles Dr. Azim Jiwani’s journey from his early years of acquiring a wide-ranging medical education; his varied medical experiences in developed and developing societies; and his impetus and ...

  • In The Grand Scheme Of Things

    The making of inspiration through dog behaviour by

    There is something much more fundamental to our social interactions today than just simple hello’s and goodbye’s. What if I said that levels of mental illness, obesity, mistrust, inequality, and rates of imprisonment in the human populous have a ...

  • Beautiful Brilliant and Brave

    An homage to girls and women around the world who choose to think for themselves; to be trailblazers and to celebrate their greatness, with no apology. by

    “THE BUILDING OF MOUNTAINS and wondrous structures becomes a whole lot easier, and extensively more sustainable, when we commit to celebrating each other’s successes, rather than expending time and energy tearing them down.”

  • Escaping My Predator


    Spousal abuse is all too common, and there are many—too many—families that are irreparably damaged. This book is a first-person account of what it takes to survive sexual assault, emotional abuse, and long-term harassment by an intimate partner. It ...

  • Wedding Wisdom

    A Practical Guide to Personalizing Your Wedding by

    From “Red Shag Carpet” to “Love During COVID-19", 26 surprising, tense, tear jerking or quirky anecdotes are found throughout this informative practical guide on personalizing, planning and performing weddings. Doreen Wuckert offers thorough step ...