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  • The Song and the Swallow

    Authenticity and Love by

    Our need for meaning and substance is ubiquitous in the human condition, but how do we reliably find meaning? How are we susceptible to doing it the wrong way? What does this look like, what is produced, and why we should avoid it? Using archetypal ...

  • Sapien


    How have men and women’s social roles differed throughout history? What distinguishes them biologically—and what makes them the same? And why is it that the world over, throughout history, female self-expression and liberty have been curtailed? In ...

  • Root Out of Dry Ground


    There is a common hope for a richer, deeper life that connects a person to their past, to the people around them, and to a transcendental source—sometimes referred to as God, or the Unconscious. Root Out of Dry Ground provides an exploration into ...

  • Parochialisms


    The work is foremost a missive to the author's grandson. Begun soon after we entered shut down, well before any vaccines were tangible, it was written with a vague sense/fear that this might become the only vehicle whereby his grandson might know ...

  • Busker and the Trees

    Eight Decades of Struggle, Adaptation and Happiness by

    Like a busker juggling, we go through life balancing values as balls in the air...If one falls, the good busker picks it quickly up, resumes the performance and the audience applauds the skill in maintaining balance and harmony. Busker and the Trees ...

  • The Ethical Society

    A Framework For a Peaceful, Sustainable World by

    “How is it that we know we are headed for destruction as a species, and yet are unable to effect the necessary changes needed for survival?” We know from history that our current thinking and values will not lead to a peaceful, sustainable future. ...

  • Global Discontent: The Mosaic of Cultural Diversity


    There are more similarities between the 7 billion people worldwide than there are differences, and global harmony, instead of widespread conflict, is possible. The “global mosaic” of our lives: lifestyle, culture, nationality, race, religion, ...

  • From Democracy to Biocracy

    Finding the River of Life by

    In his second book W. Thomson Martin brings together the liberating force of outrage in service to life with the meditative rhythms of connecting to nature --- plants, animals, rivers and mountains. In the tradition of Thomas Berry and Joanna Macy, ...