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  • 10 Days in April

    ...a detour through breast cancer by

    Newly-wed Eleanor had a plan for her life: “I want to get married, go out west, build a log cabin, raise a bunch of kids, teach them about the Lord, volunteer in my community, and then write a book about it!” As her dreams became a reality over ...

  • I Am Tommy

    On Stage and Backstage by

    The uncensored Insider Story of Three Decades in the Canadian Music Business I was in a unique position. I was a musician who recorded hit songs and performed on stage in front of millions of fans and I was also an agent who met, booked and ...

  • Nightshade


    Within these pages, I offer an account of a once strong herd of wild horses that ran fast, and ran free, until various concerned entities deemed their existence as non-essential. In light of their environmental impact, the herds were removed as a ...

  • My Oyster

    A life of traveling, exploring and becoming by

    What takes a Depression Era New Jersey girl to an Indian Ashram, a Neolithic village on the edge of the North Sea, an Italian nunnery, to stand in the grotto of an ancient Greek Oracle and walk with Chaucer's bawdy pilgrims on their way to ...

  • Inside the Chisolm Trail


    Janie [Mason] Chisolm…a descendant of a royal family who ruled Scotland between 1200 and the mid-1700s. No longer in power, the ruling family and ancestors (the Chisolm Clan) migrated to the Americas. Some of the “Clan” leaders, after settling near ...

  • The Tales of Doctor Harry

    Retired Rural Family Doctor by

    How do you live life to the fullest and funniest? Harry Hall and his family know the secret. In his 57 years of medical practice, Dr. Hall worked in rural and remote areas around the world, from the Arctic to Oceania. He became a parent, then a ...

  • 10 Days in February... Limitations & 10 Days in March... Possibilities

    A Memoir by

    As a child in the 1960s, my biggest and happiest influences were: • living in the mountains of Colorado • experiencing Brownies and Girl Scouts • Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ‘Little House’ books • Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan • caring ...

  • Rebel Dad

    Triumphing Over Bureaucracy to Adopt Two Orphans Born Worlds Apart by

    As a child, David McKinstry always knew one thing: he wanted to be a father. However, as a single—and secretly gay—man, David's only option was to adopt. Lying about his sexuality on adoption applications, David was consistently met with a ...

  • 334 Duckworth St.


    A filthy alleyway, a run down cold water flat, a determination for a better life and the adventures of a dreamer are what this story is all about. Neighbors and eccentric friends combine to make this a very interesting and humorous read. Even though ...