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  • Busker and the Trees

    Eight Decades of Struggle, Adaptation and Happiness by

    Like a busker juggling, we go through life balancing values as balls in the air...If one falls, the good busker picks it quickly up, resumes the performance and the audience applauds the skill in maintaining balance and harmony. Busker and the Trees ...

  • Winds of Change

    (and a whisper) by

    What should we make of the winds of change blowing through our culture? The stories in this book explore some of those changes, and seek to entertain while offering a few insights.

  • Language and State

    An Inquiry into the Progress of Civilization, Second Edition by

    This book argues that while humans communicate using language, they create and use media. Media extend the distance of communication. Humans form themselves into a large community. This happens in a long historical process in which the state of the ...

  • The Professor and the Plumber

    Conversations About Equality and Inequality by

    Two cousins meet for dinner. Who are they? Why is a plumber arguing with a professor? They begin to discuss one of the great problems of our time - inequality. Can they find solutions? Can they agree on the meaning of equality? Follow their ...

  • The Ethical Society

    A Framework For a Peaceful, Sustainable World by

    “How is it that we know we are headed for destruction as a species, and yet are unable to effect the necessary changes needed for survival?” We know from history that our current thinking and values will not lead to a peaceful, sustainable future. ...

  • In The Grand Scheme Of Things

    The making of inspiration through dog behaviour by

    There is something much more fundamental to our social interactions today than just simple hello’s and goodbye’s. What if I said that levels of mental illness, obesity, mistrust, inequality, and rates of imprisonment in the human populous have a ...

  • A Treatise of Humanism


    Today, the human species is collectively confronting a complex existential crisis comprised of a number of diverse elements: political, economic, religious, technological, and environmental. The globalization of information and commerce has revealed ...

  • At Home in Infinity

    Exploring a Philosophy of Wholeness by

    At Home in Infinity: Exploring a Philosophy of Wholeness is a collection of short, non-academic essays that aims to promote thoughtful reflection as a way of meeting the challenges of everyday life. Written by an author with a background in ...

  • Infinity


    Infinity-To an infinite degree. Lacking limits or bounds. Something beyond measure of space and time. How can it exist? many are the self proclaimed experts who would own or claim limit, but it is the unlimited that humanity has pondered since the ...

  • An Outlaw Named Jesus

    Offensively Blasphemous Poetry by

    This thought-provoking collection takes aim at the dark, irrational, immoral, and dangerous elements of religion; Televangelists preying on elderly victims, extant misogyny and witch-burning practices, racism, slavery and violence defended in holy ...