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  • Advice To My Son

    30 Year Anniversary Limited Edition by

    THIRTY YEARS AGO, a devoted father, distanced by divorce, documented the life lessons he learned in a handwritten guide for his only son on his eighteenth birthday. Now a grandfather and nearing eighty years old, Dennis Ludwig's gift keeps on giving ...

  • Sapien


    How have men and women’s social roles differed throughout history? What distinguishes them biologically—and what makes them the same? And why is it that the world over, throughout history, female self-expression and liberty have been curtailed? In ...

  • Language and State

    An Inquiry into the Progress of Civilization, Second Edition by

    This book argues that while humans communicate using language, they create and use media. Media extend the distance of communication. Humans form themselves into a large community. This happens in a long historical process in which the state of the ...

  • Root Out of Dry Ground


    There is a common hope for a richer, deeper life that connects a person to their past, to the people around them, and to a transcendental source—sometimes referred to as God, or the Unconscious. Root Out of Dry Ground provides an exploration into ...

  • Parochialisms


    The work is foremost a missive to the author's grandson. Begun soon after we entered shut down, well before any vaccines were tangible, it was written with a vague sense/fear that this might become the only vehicle whereby his grandson might know ...

  • Idea Gods

    A Biography by

    Child is always getting in trouble for questioning the word of God. But are those words really God’s? Or are they merely a distorted and vulnerable version, changed to fit the wants of humans? Idea Gods is part manifesto, dissecting the reasons ...

  • Reflections

    Speeches from the Heart by

    Have you ever had to make a speech? Did you struggle to decide what to speak about? Well, help is here! Reflections: Speeches from the Heart is a collected work of speeches and how tos that teaches you how to write and present a speech, and gives ...

  • GOD, The Active Principle of Infinite Love


    Thought-provoking and enlightening, God: The Active Principle of Love examines the “dual componency” of the metaphysical and the physical that encompasses human existence. Addressing the traditional teachings of a variety of world religions, M. J. ...

  • Busker and the Trees

    Eight Decades of Struggle, Adaptation and Happiness by

    Like a busker juggling, we go through life balancing values as balls in the air...If one falls, the good busker picks it quickly up, resumes the performance and the audience applauds the skill in maintaining balance and harmony. Busker and the Trees ...

  • Winds of Change

    (and a whisper) by

    What should we make of the winds of change blowing through our culture? The stories in this book explore some of those changes, and seek to entertain while offering a few insights.