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  • The Song and the Swallow

    Authenticity and Love by

    Our need for meaning and substance is ubiquitous in the human condition, but how do we reliably find meaning? How are we susceptible to doing it the wrong way? What does this look like, what is produced, and why we should avoid it? Using archetypal ...

  • The Divine Daughter

    A Naming Ceremony by

    Ever feel swept up in a sea of novelty? When did the new become more important than the true? Andrew Gilchrist found a remedy to today's nausea of novelty in the most familiar elements of narrative and music. He has composed a new arrangement from ...

  • Seeing Things... Predicting Results

    The Professional Lives of Five Working Psychics by

    Ever wonder what makes a psychic tick? Or what goes on in the mind of someone who can foretell the future? Wonder no more! Read on! This biography of five working psychics will open your eyes, if not your mind, to their esoteric, inexplicable ...