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Silver Buttons cover

Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Favourite jacket, New toys, Favourite things, Toddlers, Silver buttons, Clothes, Moving on

Silver Buttons
by Marcie Costello

Brimming with endearing illustrations of a little girl and a personality so big, almost any child can relate to her feelings about something so special, it's with her wherever she goes. When faced with having to let go of her favourite silver buttons, on a jacket she has outgrown, she discovers that growing up and into new things, can be okay after all.

Marcie Costello spends her time being creative for over a decade in her profession as a photographer. She has worked with hundreds of children and families, watching them grow over the years. As a mother to three of her own, she enjoys keeping life for her family imaginative through travel, gardening, baking, and writing about her charismatic daughter. With a sentimental personality, life for Marcie often means learning to grow into new things too!


Marcie Costello
A. Simioni

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