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Light Beings, Channelling, Meditation, New Age, Overcoming abuse, Adult ADHD, Chronic pain

Fly High, Little Bird
My Journey with the Light Beings
by Maureen Craigie

Fly High, Little Bird did not come easy to a woman who was afraid to fly. Maureen Craigie has faced challenges in her life, including abusive relationships, estranged children, and chronic pain. But there is bigger and more beautiful spiritual guidance available to any human who is ready to hear from the Light Beings who watch over us. This book faithfully records Maureen’s conversations with these Beings as they challenge her viewpoints and offer a vision of healing love.

Funny, profound, and thoroughly enjoyable, Maureen and her guides take us on a one-of-a-kind journey by exploring heady topics with clear, concise language as she learns to transmute long-held grief, trauma, fear, and judgment, and in so doing creates a pathway through which others can do the same.

The world is in chaos because humans are in chaos. The time has come to quiet the storm—one heart at a time. This book helps us to do that.

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Maureen Craigie comes to her lifelong connection with spirituality and metaphysics through her mother’s legacy of extrasensory ability. She has ridden the roller coaster of life with humor and heart, and through it all, stayed true to her passion for supporting others. Since 1985, Maureen has written about social justice and raising consciousness, winning writing competitions, and publishing poetry, letters, and essays in newspapers, including the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, and the National Post. She lives on the beautiful west coast of Canada, near forest and sea, in the midst of Metro Vancouver.


Maureen Craigie

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