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  • Fly High, Little Bird

    My Journey with the Light Beings by

    Fly High, Little Bird did not come easy to a woman who was afraid to fly. Maureen Craigie has faced challenges in her life, including abusive relationships, estranged children, and chronic pain. But there is bigger and more beautiful spiritual ...

  • Hey Mum, It's Me

    A Story of Connection and the Lessons Learned by

    Death. It happens every day. It's not an unusual event. It takes place in other people's lives. Then one day it knocks on your door and your world is smashed into a thousand tiny pieces in an instant. - Has this happened to you? - Do you feel lost ...

  • Love You Mom

    Guided Through Grief from the Afterlife by

    Expecting their nineteen-year-old son Carter home from work at any minute, Charmaine and her husband received the call that every parent dreads. Carter had been in a car accident. He died at the scene. Overcome by grief, Charmaine felt the need to ...

  • The Awakening Time

    Initiation into soul consciousness.... by

    The author intuitively knew that she and her “new” man were brought together for a very special purpose, prompting matrimony and mid-life career changes to become hypnotherapists; it's as if a higher power sweeps them into a 180 degree spin and a ...

  • I Am the Ghost of Chateau Laurier


    I Am the Ghost of Chateau Laurier is an extraordinary first-person account of encounters with the paranormal. In this compelling collection, the author shares intimate stories of a lifetime’s worth of experiences with mysterious and inexplicable ...

  • The Twelve Poems Of Knowledge

    The Key To Your Subconscious by

    This is a book of twelve poems. I wanted the reader of the poems to know how to do things by them alone. They are pure refined knowledge in simple words explaining how to Astral Travel, have OBE,s, Lucid Dream, See Energy and much more. I have added ...

  • Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)

    Decade of Light - Volume 1 by

    Do you feel yourself and the world changing at lightning speed? Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth) is an empowering and transformative collection of messages from a group of non-physical spiritual teachers. The unique ...