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  • Stopping to Smell the Flowers

    Everything's Coming Up Roses by

    Stopping to Smell the Flowers is a series of books which are sure to empower readers to find their true calling. A collection of personal reflections designed to help readers be present in the moment, when we stop and smell the flowers in our own ...

  • I'm Still Standing

    Saved by God's Amazing Grace: From Brokenness to Wholeness by

    Lorne Gregory was on top of the world the day she married Jamie Jones. But within weeks of their marriage, it became painfully obvious that something was wrong. Believing deeply in her vow to love and support him for better or worse, Lorne pulls out ...

  • Running For Freedom


    As you may have guessed from reading this book, i have deep feelings and strong opinions about human rights violation by those who helped create human rights in the world. everyone has the right to a life that is free of the fear of violence. For a ...

  • A Place To Make Memories

    Stories and Recipes from the Lazy M Lodge by

    When you are in your early 50’s, life can have a way of presenting you with new opportunities. The secret is to be awake enough to see through all the ‘other stuff, curious to step out of your comfort zone and brave to take some risks. For Randy, ...

  • Live Well Between Your Ears

    Get Your Head Around The Craziness by

    Do you struggle to maintain good health? Are you tired of the onslaught of new technology invading your life? Do you long for the simplicity of the good old days? Are you troubled by social unrest in the world? And, perhaps most importantly, has the ...

  • Technology Of Life

    Book For Heroes by

    This book has nothing to do with science, it is about life – the gift we manage in a different way. That is why you will not find reference to the people whose thoughts I retell sometimes word to word and sometimes modify on my own way, sifting it ...

  • Finding Meaning and Beauty in an Idiotic World


    What are the most important things in life, and how can we live more ethical, fulfilling lives? In our modern world, it is not always easy to answer these questions; human needs and ethics have been obscured by the destructive demands of capitalism, ...

  • God Doesn't Care What You Wear™

    The Limitations of Our Beliefs by

    God Doesn’t Care What You Wear™ is a reflection on beliefs, love, conflict, forgiveness and the Divine. Beverly Lutz offers a glimpse into a life that has taken her from single mother, to an adventure seeker in the Amazon rainforest, to teaching ...

  • Mind & Music

    Tips and Lessons from the Guy in the Back Row by

    Mind & Music: Tips and Lessons from the Guy in the Back Row is a book filled with relevant and enlightening anecdotes to help people find their own “voice.” Watching life from the back row - close enough to see, hear and feel the vibe - but not too ...