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  • Live. Inspired.

    Affirmations of a Life on Purpose by

    Live. Inspired. is a collection of my own creation. It speaks to how I have been choosing to live my life each day. When my true inspirations are attached to that which I intend, I feel the Universe opening up to a whole new world of abundance, ...

  • The Music In Me


    Fred Parry lives in Southern Ontario. He is a lover of people and a collector of stories, music, wisdom, and grandchildren. His newspaper column, Music in Me, can be found in 'The New Hamburg Independent' Metroland Media.

  • Would You? Could You? I Can! You Can!

    Hear your soul voice! by

    We can each change the world if only we care to listen. There is a force greater than ourselves—the Omnipotent Presence—and we have the power to communicate with it. This presence is the God Source and has given each and every one of us the gift of ...

  • Elemental Feng Shui

    The Art of Orientation by

    Although Feng Shui is a relatively new concept in the West, when we break it down into Feng / Wind, our breath and Shui/ Water, our sustenance, it becomes very basic. In reality, Feng Shui is about balance and harmony on all levels. This book ...

  • A Healthy Controller

    Live, Love, and Thrive as by

    Maximize your potential as a controller and learn how to live, love, and thrive with a controller personality type. Having trouble communicating? Struggling in your relationships with others—or yourself? Author Rebekka Jensen, a fellow controller, ...

  • Cosmism

    A New Hope for Humanity by

    Standing on the riches of humanity’s holy books and traditions, drawing on our wealth of scientific and technological knowledge, and injecting his own creativity and humour, Yoda Oraiah presents his readers with a potential new religion—Cosmism. ...

  • Finding My Groove

    Life, Love, & Lyrics by

    “Lyrics have been the poetry of my life.” A former disc jockey who has “lived, worked, and played in every corner” of Vancouver Island, recounts in this absorbing memoir the livelihoods, lessons, and loves of several generations of working people in ...

  • Gifts of Insight


    These short, lyric poems range from playfully haiku-like to candidly confessional. In them, Michelle reflects on nature, sensory experience, and her own personal journey through life’s trials and tribulations. The result is a call to interoception ...

  • Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life

    An Unbelievably Simple, Proven Path to Rapid, Remarkable Change by

    Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life is a game-changer! It uses simple, proven techniques grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience, and positive psychology to rapidly move you beyond limiting thoughts, fears, negative emotions and destructive ...

  • The Transcendence


    By turns moving and reflective, playful and wise, The Transcendence explores the spiritual growth of Holland Millar; an intellectual man whose life, along with the lives of his family and friends, takes the reader on a journey of inspiration and ...