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Poetry, Mindfulness, Finding time, Authentic self, Optimism, Peacefulness, Happiness

Signs of Spring
Mindful Optimism for Modern Times by Luke Boyes


Spring’s subtle flirtation

Begins with soft brush strokes

Upon the wintery landscape

Days stretch out their limbs

Waking from a slumber

And then, the other morning

Did I notice a shift in the light?

But to my mind this cannot yet be

I’ve been weathered for a time

Mistrusting my soul’s assurances

Sensing my hesitation

Chickadees and cardinals sing

So that I might trust

In the promise of summer

During daily commutes to work, author Luke Boyes became aware of new ways of engaging with the external world by means of exploring the space within. He began to write these ideas down, which organically led to a collection of poems exploring the inner self. He was inspired to write Signs of Spring: Mindful Optimism for Modern Times while transcribing those old notes, setting the intention to shine his own unique light by contributing positive energy into the world through these writings.

Luke lives in Ottawa, Ontario, and Signs of Spring: Mindful Optimism for Modern Times is his first published book. He also shares thoughts and writings on Instagram and Twitter, where you can connect with him @lukeboyeswrites.


Luke Boyes

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