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  • Tender Poems for Tough Times


    We all go through tough times. Feelings and emotions run high, thoughts and questions overwhelm us, and we can’t see past the present moment. But the followers of Jesus Christ can work through these tough times differently than the world around ...

  • Homecoming


    This book is about the lonely, the lost, and what it is like to live in the suffocating constraints of mental illness. I share stories of my own personal experiences, in hopes that you find comfort, even if only through relation. I have learnt ...

  • Hard As Diamond, Soft As Silk


    Fifty spectacular, fresh, and deeply emotional Poems and Short Stories invite you to delve further within these pages. Lorna Marie Hawkins has masterfully crafted diverse Poems and Short Stories that depict her own life experiences and poetic ...

  • Of This And That

    a very human experience by

    Karen has always been a creative person. Now, so late in life, the artist and designer have become a part of the past. Today, her creativity is mainly focused on thoughts and words. The wisdom that comes with age. To her, poetry seems to be the most ...

  • Gift of Lament


    Gift of Lament is one woman’s raw and powerful story of surviving the horrors of intimate partner violence. Through evocative poetry and poignant journal entries, Sherrie Winstanley explores the depths of her harrowing abusive relationship with an ...

  • The Tale of Tails


    One sunny day, a group of animal friends meet in the forest. There is a happy dog, a fuzzy squirrel, a proud peacock, and many more. Each animal makes up a fun rhyme about how special their tail is, and all the exciting things it can do. When a ...

  • Midlife Musings

    Life, Love, God and the Universe by

    Everyday life and work can lead to a detached analytical mood, especially for those of us called to prize objectivity and strive for perfection. However, in certain seasons we become frightfully aware of our sensitive side, the vast ocean of emotion ...

  • Perfectly Flawed

    poetry for change by

    Beloved Flaw “Perfection, however perfect, can annoy, Rendering you unattainable, remote, coy, When in reality, you are just as humanely what Flawed as all the others who refute their faulty perfection.” (p. 55)

  • Life Like It Is

    You've Gone Through This by

    My book is about poetry. This book came about because of my shyness. I started writing this book at the age of 14, because I was an extremely shy young girl, who found it easier to express myself by writing how I felt, rather than communicating ...

  • Sun Set Moon Rise

    a sweet surrender of poems by

    Everyone—no matter our differences—share the same sun, moon, and stars. Life is working through divine order because the universe lives within each and every one of us. This is why everything along your journey has led you right here. This ...