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  • The Greatest Trick


    The Greatest Trick by Madeline Speer is a hauntingly beautiful collection of poetry and prose revealing episodes of pain, endurance, and survival in the aftermath of abuse and divorce. In this deeply raw and painful collection, Speer’s genuine ...

  • newly untitled


    newly untitled reflects on twenty years of the “sticky parts” of life with honesty and sincerity. Exploring a range of issues, the book places culturally collective topics like abandonment, urban renewal, and spirituality side-by-side with esoteric ...

  • Verbal Assault


    "E.W. Davis was born in Brantford, Ontario on July 4, 1951. He is the fifth child of twelve and is considered to be somewhat of a whacko. He possesses absolutely no educational foundation and yet continues to write at a level equal to any patient in ...

  • Are You In There?


    Life is full of excitement. Life is choosing to overcome any obstacle that may arise. Life is having an imaginary mind. Life is putting yourself to a challenge. ARE YOU IN THERE?

  • The Tangled Cedaring Sublime & Its Knotting InTo NoThing Of Time


    With Fingers Out-Stretched, We Perceive Through The Spaces Between... In Expected Longing For The Winding Of Perspective, As ClockWork And Still-Shadowed Light Shift Behind The Twisting Of A Wrist... To Bend At The Arm, Then To Tilt The Curve... ...

  • Of Rhyme and Reason


    Of Ryhme and Reason, is a collection of poems born out of a child's disillusionment of her memories in life. Here the author reveals to the reader her dark sadness and total confusion from death and deep despair at an early age. The author is able ...

  • Arcade of Memory


    “The passing of years seems a ruse of the gods, for only yesterday I was playing in the sand.” Memory is a strange thing. A fragile patchwork of recollection. A dream that fades after waking. Arcade of Memory is a beautiful collection of essays, ...

  • Jaime's Inspirations

    Poems from the Heart and Mind by

    I kept your love inside me, like a dove that wanted free At different moments in our lives, we all experience feelings of intense emotions. We all find our own ways of handling good times and bad, and the consequences they bring. But we can ...

  • I Confess

    How a Very Religious Catholic Boy Learned Dirty Words Sex and Celibacy Avoided Suicide Embraced Death Found Love God & Himself Not Necessarily in That Order by

    Throughout his remarkable life, Richard Sipe has followed one simple yet demanding dictum: Tell the truth. He has done so as a priest, a mental health clinician, and a writer exploring the trials of celibacy and the tragedy of child sexual abuse. ...

  • Riverlines

    Poems of time and place along the North Saskatchewan River by

    Douglas Elves writes of the North Saskatchewan River. Ranging from midstream to far watershed, the Saskatchewan Glacier to Cumberland House and beyond, his poems are of those who have lived and worked on or near this river: the coal-miner fishing ...