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  • Unforsaken


    At the tender age of ten, M. Grace Kelly was compelled to nurture her innate love of writing, and soon discovered that she had an undeniable gift for expressing herself through poetry. As she cultivated this talent over time, her insights and ...

  • Infinite Sequels


    To every action there is an immediate and intrinsically related reaction, a linked chain of repercussions that domino within this extraordinary corral we call existence. The path taken, the call unanswered, the leaf that refuses to fall- employing ...

  • Abre la Puerta


    If you like trekking far and wide To see what wonder places hide; If you like when ecology Joins forces with philosophy; If you like tongues that foreign be; If you like vivid artistry That takes you to the olden ages And jumps out from the bounded ...

  • Interpretations

    Poetic Visions of the Tao Te Ching by

    This is a magical, eye-opening and poetic book of subtle shifting to renewed clarity and self-discovery. Originally conceived as a blog during a shift in the author’s life from Corporate to Conscious, and inspired by the New York Times’ bestselling ...

  • Mind Works


    Upon diving into this unique collection of poetry, the reader will be taken on a journey through the innermost workings of a burgeoning young mind. Written by a teenager in love with music and girls and trying to find himself, the author recorded ...

  • ... et l´Amour a traversé non loin


    Sur les ailes de la poésie Sur les ailes de la poésie de Milan Vinco Cásta, je me suis laissée ravir dans les hauteurs de l´univers et dans les gou res profonds des sentiments humains. Le feu qui jaillit des vers du poète allume la amme de l´amour ...

  • Blind Ambitions

    Life and Faith from the eyes of a blind man by

    This book deals with the trials of losing your vision as an adult and having to learn how to live a new lifestyle. It also illustrates how the writers faith in God keeps him grounded and gives him hope to carry on.

  • A Breath of Soul from the Garden of Life


    A Breath of Soul from the Garden of Life takes the reader on a moving spiritual journey of healing. Powerful and honest, these poems explore challenges we all face and offers gifts of hope from the heart and dreams of the author. Many of us long for ...

  • A Mother's Task

    Inspiring Poems of a Mother’s Love of Family by

    With delicate and uplifting honesty, poet Anna Roberson shares her loving journey of family life. From the kinship among siblings, to the sting of growing pains, to the heartbreak of love lost, Roberson captures the bliss and woe of raising a family ...

  • One


    Sometimes life seems unfair but all things Are relevant, it all happens for a reason... Also in my quest I have found that most of The world have been controlled and manipulated By religious and dogma tied together with the Monitory system ...