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translation, life advice, fulfillment, parables, living intentionally, reflections on society, leadership

Technology Of Life
Book For Heroes
by V. K. Tarasov

This book has nothing to do with science, it is about life – the gift we manage in a different way. That is why you will not find reference to the people whose thoughts I retell sometimes word to word and sometimes modify on my own way, sifting it through the sieve of my own perception.

This book is destined to all living in the world now and to those who will live a thousand years from now. But there is special category of people for whom it destined first of all, though there are not many of them.

This book is for heroes. For the people which desire to remake their country or the whole world. And desire to do this, as it seems to them, is completely selfless.


V. K. Tarasov photo

Vladimir Tarasov was born in Russia.

He graduated from Tartu University (Estonia). In the 1970-s he was engaged in the development and implementation of the Management Systems. In 1984 he opened the “School of Management” based on his original training system in Tallin, capital city of Estonia. He is the author and developer of this system. His works were published in many countries. He wrote sixteen books devoted to management and leadership not only in business but also in private life. His book can help you to change your life for better.

Vladimir Tarasov is a well-known specialist in social technology. Some of his books were translated in several languages.


V. K. Tarasov
Andrey Lempitskiy
Cora Lipscomb

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