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Blind hound dog, Dogs on adventures, Overcoming obstacles, Pets with disabilities, Pet ownership, Positive virtues, Unconditional love

Lessons from Levi
by Elizabeth Grove, John Grove and Walker Grove

These true tales of a silly hound dog, Levi, were first put together as a song, one verse (or adventure) at a time. He was a masterful escape artist, so Levi's owners were often looking for him around the neighborhood. This song helped them have fun, rather than worry about Levi on the loose, and they hoped their voices would travel to his ears and bring him home safely. Levi's blindness added to their concern when he was out and about, but this song helped to sooth their hearts until he returned home again.

Thank you to all our loving friends and neighbors who have looked out for Levi over the years.

John and Walker Grove were six and seven years old when they began helping their mom create Levi's song. What started as putting the tales of Levi to a catchy tune, evolved into recognition of the many lessons they learned from him along the way. With the discovery of these beautiful life lessons, it was clear to Levi's family that these gifts were meant to be shared with others in this book.


Elizabeth Grove
John Grove
Walker Grove

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