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Deep South, Childhood, God, 1950s, Garden, Family, Good vs Evil

Moments in the Chimes of Time
by Sarah Smith Ducksworth

Moments in the Chimes of Time encompasses a wide range of experiences. Both autographic and vicarious—not all to be taken literally. With the inclusion of an autobiographical essay, which can be taken literally, the messages comprising this book tell a universal story of a life's journey from the innocence of childhood to the eye-opening reality of a world that is often harsh and relentless on its seamy side, and finally, to the stage of life where the journey gets reviewed and approved.

Essentially, readers will find Moments in the Chimes of Time an interesting and compelling read, brimming with history and nostalgia for the past and with hope for the future. As an added delight, the book is written in highly accessible language and is rich in imagery.

“Sarah Smith Ducksworth’s poetry collection . . . is about identity, perseverance, and the human spirit. . . . What’s most powerful is the authenticity and confidence of the speaker’s voice and the striking figurative language that evokes a mostly bygone era in the American South. Readers nostalgic for this particular time and place and those seeking an uplifting and reflective read will land gently here.”

—Blue Ink, June 2015

“A voice that is both confident and self-aware makes this a brave and comprehensive poetry collection. Throughout this book of poetry, the speaker is able to reflect wisely on specific events or experiences and transform them into their own unique voice, one that acknowledges the poems’ larger meanings in the present moment. Very little is spared in Ducksworth’s writing . . . There are semblances of blank verse, image poetry, and even a few haiku, all of which provide an engaging array of poetic voices. Ducksworth builds a staircase of personal reflections and experiences, none of which are excluded from the whole, and all of which fits into it.”

—Kenny Jakubas, Foreword, June 2015


“. . . this collection of poetry is a personal response to the times and nature of Ducksworth’s world. With the power of her words, this woman takes us on a journey into her psyche in a manner that illuminates not only her life but all lives. These poems embrace the joy, horror, laughter and sorrow of lives deeply lived, which ultimately becomes the pact we make with the universe and/or God. In words accessible to everyone, this poet titillates, humors, and haunts. The tone and attitude of her poems seem well suited to their language.”

—Diane Elliott, US Review of Books, January 2015


Reading Ducksworth’s poems, you experience a life that was filled with uneven stairs, hard to climb, broken in spots, but that continued up, so that with enough work, dedication and faith, it was possible to keep climbing to the top.”

—Barbara Rybolt, Independent Press, April 2015

Sarah Smith Ducksworth photo

Sarah Smith Ducksworth has been writing and telling stories all her life. Her prior published writings are primarily nonfictional works appearing in journals, newspapers, and encyclopedias—which include The New York Times, The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, The Magill Series of Masterpieces of Literature, and Masterplots. Her 1995 literary essay on Uncle Tom’s Cabin, included in The Stowe Debate: Rhetorics in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, has been often cited in other scholarly works and analyzed by students in term papers. Knowledge of her study of the Underground Movement in New Jersey and Pennsylvania led to her writing a 2005 foreword to the 5th edition of William Still’s, classic, The Underground Railroad for Plexus Press and to her participation in a PBS documentary entitled The William Still Story in 2011.

In 2015 Sarah published this book, her first book of poetry, which was favorably reviewed by several literary critics and profiled in the Independent Press, a local New Jersey newspaper, and in the Star Ledger, the largest state-wide New Jersey newspaper. The book, then entitled No Crystal Stair, received a gold star for literary excellence. This current version of the book, under a new name, contains important revisions and qualitative changes to lines and stanzas in more than a dozen poems.


Sarah Smith Ducksworth

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