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Personal journey, Near death experiences, Unexplained phenomena, Songwriting, British Columbia, Inventions, Friends and family

Kill Me If You Can
by Ron Ritco

The reason I wrote the book was to document all of the unusual experiences I had in my life, have others ever experienced what I have, I have questioned myself on numerous occasions about this, I have also questioned whether I should write this book, but in the end I felt it was important to do so. This book has many twists and turns and places where one can hopefully get lost in the moment while reading about my life. My hope is that in some small way this book may help people along the way.

I believe I am one of god's creation, I am here experiencing life and all that it shows me and offers to me, all of the events of the book describe what I have seen and what I believe is my life experience, there is no logic or reason but simply these are the things that I have gone through. My journey, so "kill me if you can".


Ron Ritco
Kelsie Ritco-Day
Mike Klemak

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