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My Language Vacation Adventures
by Debra Punshon

Pack your suitcase and your school bag—it’s time to take a language vacation! Drawing on the author’s personal experiences in language schools and written in a highly accessible style, My Language Vacation Adventures takes you on an enriching tour of three languages, in six countries, spread over four continents. Part vacation, part academic exploration, Debra Punshon describes her experiences while vacationing and studying abroad. Spending anywhere from a week to a month at each school, the author shows you how each has its own unique character and experiences to offer. Knowing that millions of people around the world are now studying languages for free online with Duolingo, Debra thought many of these people would be interested in knowing what is available, and what can be expected, in the world of language vacations. Whether you are a student or an adventurer, this book will inspire you to be both. Whether you choose another school, country, or language in which to study, My Language Vacation Adventures gives you vast insight into what to expect as you embark on your own foreign language school adventure.

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A self-described nomad, Debra Punshon spends most summers on Vancouver Island with her mother and her sons and their families. She spends the rest of her time travelling, particularly in Argentina. “Not having a dwelling of my own at this time allows me to be free to travel and to spend time with my loved ones.”

When Debra came across the Language Vacation website, it immediately struck a chord with her and she began imagining what it would be like to go around the world taking language courses. She loved her first language adventure so much she became hooked on attending language schools. Her original plan was to study six languages in six countries in one year. As she increased her time in study preparation, she realized her plan might be too ambitious, and so she scaled back the adventure to two languages and three countries. She believes a language vacation is the perfect way to build on one’s knowledge of a language, and that it’s so much fun! Thus she wrote My Language Vacation Adventures—her first book.

Debra’s favourite pastimes are studying languages, travelling, walking, running, and reading.


Debra Punshon

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