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Personal growth, Mindful living, Philosophical conversations, Positive change, Dialogues, Contemporary thought, Self improvement

The Judy and Bob Dialogues
Contemporary Quandaries for Daily Life Compiled with Art
by Stanislav Riha

To express his acquired views and knowledge without imposing it on anyone, he started to write dialogues. It was for fun at first, and then it became the book “Dialogues Accompanied by Art”. Many people on their daily walk pass by this house, but not everyone notices and stops to listen to the very interesting dialogues happening just about every afternoon. It is Bob and Judy having their discussions about different interests and experiences of daily life. Walking from his work every day, Bob passes by Judy’s house and, as they have been friends since high school, he often stops by for a relaxing chat after a busy day at work. They usually sit down on the patio with coffee or tea and, as very good friends, they sometimes even enjoy dinner together.

This is where the reader comes into story; quietly listens to the discussions. If someone thinks it is not nice to listen to other people’s private conversation, well they are right. On the other hand, Judy and Bob are fictional characters created for the reader’s entertainment and maybe to help the reader, through their discussions, to understand that it is always important to take a look from a different perspective, and that love is about appreciation not possession.

The artwork accompanying this book is made by the author. The full page art is a 3-dimensional wall mounted sculpture/paint work and the title artwork is digital painted images with some photo collage aid as well. Further artwork and contact can be viewed at

Stanislav Riha photo

Stanislav Riha is a visual artist, photographer and writer, born in Prague, former Czechoslovakia, now living in Vancouver BC, Canada. His art career goes back to preschool times, but art education in Prague wasn’t accessible to him, so he studied art in after school courses and private education, primarily under the Academic Artist Milos Saska, from whom he acquired most of his colour and composition education. Later on he graduated in radioelectronics IT at Kutna Hora. Although mainly surrealist, he had a realistic infusion, influenced by beautiful British Columbia. Lately he is exploring digital art, using graphic, photo, drawing and painting software to achieve the final effect of painted canvas. Since a young age he was curious about why we do what we do and why we see what we see. To get a better perspective, in spite of being close to his 60th birthday, he enrolled fulltime in CDI College and after graduation took many different courses with respected universities of North America, studying neurobiology, from perception and action to addiction.


Stanislav Riha
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