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Self Help, HIV, Life Changes, Obesity, Weight Loss, Inspirational True Story, Drug and Alcohol Addiction

No Matter What
by Latonya R. Baskerville

Tormented for her weight, height, & dark-colored skin... Latonya turns to drugs to gain acceptance from her peers. It doesn’t work. The bullying grows stronger and the drugs get weaker. At 17, she starts prostituting – protected or unprotected. She is raped, beaten and sexually violated. After making a direct sale to an undercover cop, Latonya faces 2 to 6 years in prison. A plea with a judge allows her to enter rehab as an alternative to incarceration. She completes drug treatment, a job readiness program and completes her GED. Latonya learns to accept the consequences of her destructive lifestyle and continues to share her story with others.

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LATONYA BASKERVILLE is a Philanthropist, born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She shares her life story of pain, struggle and success through her books, poetry, trainings and films. She founded a not-for-profit and worked for the Child Welfare system. Latonya is a mother of three, Tyshawn and Joquan and daughter, Janera.


Latonya R. Baskerville

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