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The Strawberry Lounge Story
How I got over my fears, dumped my excuses and opened the business of my dreams, the Motherpreneur way
by Christina Waschko

Don't we all have a big, scary dream? Mine was to own a coffee shop in the Caribbean! For seventeen long years I told myself I was either too young, the timing wasn't right, or the money wasn't enough. When I became a mother, starting my own business was out of the question! My children were too young and they needed me.

When I turned forty, my inner alarm bells started ringing. That's when I thought, "Wake up, Christina! You are not getting any younger. Your children will always need you, anyway. If you don't get off your butt now you will regret it for the rest of your life!" There was only one problem: Our family lived in The Netherlands, thousands of miles away from the Caribbean.

Please join me on my adventurous journey into the crazy, highly competitive, and unpredictable world of coffee commerce.

Let me share with you the secrets of how to kiss your excuses goodbye and create a successful brick and mortar business. Warning: No formal education or experiences necessary. This story will answer all your burning questions, including:

How to deal with a non-compliant husband.

How to turn a "wrong" location into the "right" one.

The one thing you must do to get free publicity.

How to create your own Unique Selling Point without spending any money.

Why we mothers are uniquely equipped to start a business.

Why your family deserves a mother who is going after her dreams!

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Christina Waschko was born to leave Germany in her twenties. She picked up her American husband in Australia, decided to study in London, ended up raising her children in The Netherlands only to write and launch this book in Vancouver, Canada!

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Founder and Presenter of MotherpreneurTV/youtube.


Christina Waschko

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