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  • In The Booth and Off The Cuff


    It’s hockey night! Time to gather ‘round the family television and claim your favourite chair for an epic faceoff between the Montréal Majors and the New York Centrals, another chapter in their famously bitter rivalry. But with goalies turning into ...

  • More Hockey Stories: A Novel Perspective

    Conversations with El Gordo by

    Retired NHL players Billy Sinatra and Malcolm Gordon Steven (better known as “Keeper”) have both returned to relatively normal lives after their controversial Stanley Cup win, with Billy now coaching minor-league hockey in Moose Jaw and Keeper ...

  • Athletic Vision Skills


    An exceptional player will possess top-notch read-and-react skills when on the ice, anticipating where the puck is going because of their well-developed vision skills. This allows maximum peripheral vision to instantly help decide the next physical ...

  • Falcons Forever

    The Saga of the 1920 Olympic Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team by

    Falcons Forever: The Saga of the 1920 Olympic Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team chronicles the Winnipeg Falcons’ journey to the VII Olympiad in Antwerp, Belgium. The team was composed of young Icelandic men, except for one, all first generation Canadians, ...

  • Two Minutes for Talking to Myself


    Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of the NHL? Are you an avid hockey fan looking for untold stories? 2 Minutes for Talking to Myself shares 200 anecdotes spanning the twenty-seven years NHL broadcaster Curt Keilback traveled ...

  • Inspired

    Healing Journeys from Hockey and Beyond by

    Nine athletes. Nine inspiring stories of adversity overcome. People in sports are in it to win it. That means fighting for success on their playing field of choice—but it also sometimes means overcoming challenges in their own lives. The nine ...

  • WINS

    Canadian Hockey Summareliquary by


  • Visionary

    The Ernie Gare Story by

    It’s not surprising if you’ve never heard of Ernie Gare; the man behind innovations that paved the way for many Canadians to pursue their athletic dreams without sacrificing education cared more about the future of the athletes and the sports than ...

  • Never Give Up

    The Meaning of My Life - The Paul Rosen Story by

    "I was ready to go away, to fall asleep, and to never wake up again. Paul Rosen was ready to do what he had told everyone else NOT to do for so long. I gave up." - Paul Rosen Everyone faces adversity in life. But Paul Rosen certainly faced more ...

  • The Viking Cup

    International Hockey : A Small College Town Scores Big Time by

    How does a small college in a rural Alberta city of just over 12,000 people become host to the finest hockey players in the world? Now a part of the University of Alberta, Camrose Lutheran College was challenged to compete against larger city ...