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Hockey, Canada, Stanley Cup, Statistics, Olympics, World Championship, NHL

Canadian Hockey Summareliquary
by Andrew Tidman

A – “history” – of – Canadian hockey -- in the – “original” – information format – of – the newspaper game summary!

Hockey “game summaries” have been a feature of North American newspaper sports pages almost since the beginning of organized hockey – and the basic newspaper format is still the format used most often by statisticians and historians of the game and by online media today

This is a collection of historically significant Canadian hockey “game summaries”

At the reader's fingertips – faster than the Internet – and -- perhaps not available on the Internet – the Canadian Hockey Games in which Canada or a team based in Canada – won it all! – including: Stanley Cups / Olympic Gold / World Championships / International Tournaments!

The first – and – only – collection of Canadian hockey game summaries – ever published!

Not available on the Internet – some of this information has recently been posted online – but most of this data is either not available or very difficult to find

The data has been vetted to perfection – this is the authoritative statement!

High information content – for the hockey fan – with limited text




An Abridgement Of A Topic And/Or An Event



A Container For – Relics


An Object Of Significance From The Past


A Collection Of – Significant -- Summaries

A hockey fan since 1969 – before the Internet and 24/7 sports – I followed my favourite team primarily through the game summaries ("boxscores") published in the local newspaper – WINS is my homage to the newspaper hockey game summary


Andrew Tidman

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