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  • Parent-Child Guide to Coping with Anxiety

    Helping Our Brains Manage Strong Emotions by

    This unique guide pairs the expertise of a trained child psychologist with the fresh voice and perspective of her young daughter to help children and their parents embark on an emotional regulation journey while strengthening their relationships...

  • Burnt Around the Edges

    A Guide to Mastering Stress and Surviving Burnout by

    This easy-to-read book highlights decades of real-life experiences as a firefighter and a Fire Chief in BC, Canada. The first-hand accounts outlined in the book highlight how occupational and life stress can dramatically affect our wellbeing. It...

  • Not Good Enough

    Understanding Your Core Belief and Anxiety: A Handbook by

    Do you suffer from anxiety and don’t know how to control it? Do you ever have angry outbursts and want to stop? In our society, most of us have learned to suppress our emotions. In fact, we often use coping strategies—like shopping, smoking,...

  • Rooted

    How I Stay Small Town Strong When Life Gets Hard and How You Can Too: A Guide to Finding Joy, Learning from Struggle, and Coming Together One Season at a Time by

    Small towns are places where everyone knows each other’s names—and each other’s business, despite it being none of their own. Yet, folks in small towns never seem to want to talk about mental health. Rural living can be isolating with hours spent...

  • Jackson


    Jackson’s battle to take control over his own mind and life portrays what millions of people are fighting with around the world – mental illness. His mother, desperate to free him from his demons and desperation, faces her own turmoil and...

  • Taking Control over Anxiety and Panic

    A Therapeutic Approach by

    Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly viewed as an effective tool to help with issues such as weight management, mental focus, anxieties, phobias and pain. But there are still many sceptics: does hypnotherapy really work? Is it all in the mind?...

  • The Anxiety Fix


    Nearly 40 million adults in North America are affected by anxiety disorders. If anxiety is holding you back from social situations or from moving ahead in your career and life plans, this book will help you to take your life back. The Anxiety Fix...

  • Calm in the Storm

    A Collection of Simple Strategies You Can Use Right Now to Shift Out of Anxiety by

    Calm in the Storm offers simple techniques and profound concepts to help you develop fundamental skills in settling over-whelming emotion. There are moments in our lives when emotion comes on so strong and so fast that we feel out of control,...

  • Anxiety

    Calming the Chaos Within by

    Anxiety is epidemic and it touches people from all walks of life, knowing no age, gender, ethnic, or economic boundaries. It can be paralyzing while considerably narrowing the scope of your life. This book provides practical, holistic, easily...