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Panic disorder, Panic attacks, anxiety, mental health, hypnotherapy, phobias, overcoming anxiety

Taking Control over Anxiety and Panic
A Therapeutic Approach
by Lisa Best

Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly viewed as an effective tool to help with issues such as weight management, mental focus, anxieties, phobias and pain. But there are still many sceptics: does hypnotherapy really work? Is it all in the mind?

This book, which can be used as a guide, includes steps that may significantly reduce phantom fears and debilitating symptoms of panic attacks, guiding people to healing and recovery. It includes several case studies of people who have successfully learned to manage their anxiety and panic. The book also includes information about how and why anxiety and panic occur and what you can do about them.

This book can also increase your awareness of what it's like to live with anxiety and how you can best support someone who struggles with anxiety and panic.


“I thank you for everything! I've passed my final exam with 86%. After a rough start to the year, that is more than I hoped for.”

—January, 2018


“Just wanted to let you know that my MRI test went very, very well . . . I didn't have one moment of feeling anxious or claustrophobic. Thank you so very much for helping me deal with confined spaces and for having such confidence in me.”

— May, 2019


“I just wanted to follow up to let you know . . . our trip to Peru and all of the activities we planned were completed successfully! I did 7 suspension bridges . . . climbed a 260-metre mountain . . . and completed the 400-metre climb . . . to spend a night in a glass pod suspended from the cliff—all with no issues whatsoever! So, thank you—I'm so glad I came to see you, it really made all the difference in being able to do this trip.”

—September, 2019

Lisa Best photo

Lisa wrote this informative book not only for practitioners and people dealing with anxiety and panic, but also for those people who struggle with constant worry and prolonged stress. Her sound advice provides coping strategies and can be used to prevent severe anxiety and panic disorders. Lisa gives insight to hypnosis and the belief that change is possible when people have the will to change.

Lisa Best is the owner of Best Bodies Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy, which specializes in helping people to improve their mental and physical health through psychotherapy.


Lisa Best

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