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  • But of that Day and Hour

    The Olivet Discourse; a prediction of the end of time, or end of the Jewish temple system? by

    This book is written from a fuflilled perspective and a preterist view. The book presents a consistent argument that unifies the Olivet Discourse into one great subject and one great fulfillment. Since Jesus and His apostles were all Hebrews who ...

  • The Gentile Times Reconsidered

    Have Jehovah's Witnesses Been Wrong All Along About 607 BCE? by

    The Gentile Times Reconsidered, by Swedish author Carl Olof Jonsson, is a scholarly treatise based on careful and extensive research, including an unusually detailed study of Assyrian and Babylonian records relative to the date of Jerusalem’s ...

  • Christ is Coming

    Eight prophesied coming events before THE RAPTURE by

    COMING BIBLE PROPHESIED EVENTS Their order of events Proceeding Christ’s second coming WE SHOULD KNOW • Prophetically: Where are we right now? • A sure knowledge of Christ’s coming and the 7th trumpet. • Eight Bible prophesied events before Christ ...

  • Who Jesus Is

    The Seed of Abraham is Christ the Church by

    This bible study is written for a educational, research and scholarly purpose to inform the public for the public’s good. The text is sparingly illustrated with relevant images from public domain. The project has a limited non-profit use and is ...

  • Jesus is Israel

    The Seed of Abraham is Christ the Church by

    Grounded in the Word of God and the events of history, JanEgil Gulbrandsen’s latest books, Who Jesus Is and Jesus Is Israel, challenge the traditional Evangelical and dispensationalist understanding of eschatology and the person of Jesus Christ ...

  • Revelation

    The Last Book of the Bible and What Jesus is Really Teaching Us by

    Revelation is possibly the most controversial book in the bible. Some famous theologians have even suggested to remove it from the bible cannon because it is so hard to understand. I will argue it is not that difficult to make sense of as long as we ...

  • The Coming New World Order

    The Rise of Global Government by

    This book proposes a step-by-step blueprint for a better world. There is a storm brewing on the horizon. A new world order is coming based on all the trends and global pressures that is facing mankind today. The question is, who's world vision is ...