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  • Keywords
    • the shut door,
    • the red diamond,
    • churchX,
    • the judgement,
    • Adventist,
    • born again,
    • bride of Christ

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The Splendid Secret Vault of Present Truth
by Ilise Sorele

Deception is the greatest crisis facing the world. These days, neither government nor church can be trusted. Few believed the 911 Commission’s official report, choosing instead to believe in a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. Likewise, many believe an invisible shadow government is controlling the world with false flag Islamic terrorism, untouchable banksters, and perpetual race wars. The deception ends with Ilise Sorele’s 1844: The Splendid Secret Vault of Present Truth, an explosive synopsis of twenty years of research into the Bible’s present truth for our generation. America’s storied history is encapsulated by the years 1492, 1776, 1865, 1929, 1945, and 1619. This book explains why 1844 is more significant than all historical benchmarks combined! In 1844 the Lord left and shut the door to the Holy Place and entered the Most Holy Place in the heavenly sanctuary. Herein lie the splendid secrets about the 1844 shut door, Red Diamond, the Africanity and reparations of scripture, hellfire, and why everyone born after 1844 is not whom we think we are. This important book is destined for the secret vaults of genuine truth-seekers as part of the continuing Bible saga.

"intriguing arguments follow" —Foreward Clarion Review

Ilise Sorele is a seasoned writer with degrees in Journalism and Legal Studies. She resides in the San Diego area, where she enjoys temperate weather and stunning ocean and mountain views. However, she has answered the call to assist in preparing the bride of Christ for the impending conflict when we will have to seek refuge in the mountains during the time of Jacob's trouble.


Ilise Sorele

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