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  • Reflections for the Twenty-First Century


    Can you name a few habitats that are being destroyed? How is mitigation being done there? What would you do? What is your individual carbon footprint? Reflections for the Twenty-First Century explores the present state of Earth and Homo sapiens, ...

  • For The Love of Nature


    For the Love of Nature is an intimate collection of essays written by a man whose love of nature dates back to his earliest days. These travel stories span a range of global ecosystems, with an emphasis on Alaska, a site of great delight for the ...

  • A Braided Cord


    This book describes life long learning expressed often as allegory or metaphor, but derived from life long events. The braided cord reflects the union of body, mind and soul, but because I am a surgeon, the body is topmost in my mind and my book. My ...

  • Listen to Your Garden

    Hidden Dimensions by

    The stories in this book describe a personal encounter with the broader environment of the garden. Nature becomes this book and Human Nature becomes the story. These stories will show you how the garden can speak to you; that you can have an ...

  • Slices of Eden

    Let Me Take You There by

    I have always liked to walk a little on the wild side of life when it comes to adventure travel. I purposely looked for the unique thing to do. I have chose four of my adventures that I feel represent my goals. It is my desire to take the reader ...

  • A Life Outdoors

    Essays on Hunting, Gathering and Country Living in the 21st Century by

    The 21st Century is a time of profound and wrenching change. The phrase “stop the world, I want to get off” never seemed more appropriate. Robert Sopuck caught his first fish at age 4 in the presence of his father. That fish set off a lifetime of ...