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Circle of unity, Collective ethics, Consciousness raising, Environmentalism, Peak oil, Peak population, Transition

by Paul Hanley

Eleven billion people will crowd this marvelous planet by century’s end. If the global economy were to grow five-fold during this period as predicted, humanity’s ecological footprint would exceed Earth’s biocapacity by 400%. We need to chart a new course to the future.

The sweeping changes that make a ‘full world’ work—involving dual processes of destruction and reconstruction—will transform global culture, agriculture, and ultimately the human race.

ELEVEN is a call to consciousness. Only an ‘ethical revolution’ will allow us to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization. Paul Hanley proposes a transformational model that will help individuals, institutions, and communities make an eleven-billion world work for everyone—and the planet.

"Paul Hanley’s Eleven is the read for our times. Anyone still confused about the implications for global civilization of our gathering ecological and social crises—a number of politicians and policy-makers come to mind— should not be allowed out in public until s/he has read this book.”

— Dr. William Rees, originator of ecological footprint analysis

“Read this book, plunge into it. It will blast away the facile inertia to which so many of us succumb. A greater, simpler, healthier world awaits us. Prepare for it, work at it. And start by reading Eleven.”

— Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi

“Eleven provides a fluidly accessible and meticulously researched account of the modern human predicament, but Hanley’s interpretation is uniquely buoyed above the usual tide of bad news by an ebullient confidence in H. sapiens as moral agent. The book is firmly rooted in the author’s belief that, confronted with crisis, it is possible for the world community “to choose to move against the flow of history,” that people have the capacity to change almost everything about the way they live in order to thrive with peace and justice on this finite planet. And the means are available for success—Hanley goes a long way toward demonstrating that virtually “everything that needs to be done to make the world just and sustainable is being done somewhere, successfully, already.”

— Dr. William Rees

“Paul Hanley has given us a blueprint for the future based on hope which would not be possible if we did not have the many good examples, both materially and in thought, that are outlined in his book Eleven.”

— Wes Jackson, Founder of the Land Institute

"Every concerned citizen of this planet needs to read this book."

— Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi

“Our bookshelves are full of volumes telling us how we arrived at our modern predicament, but in Eleven, Paul Hanley takes on the tougher task of meticulously describing the present moment and then weighing it against a future where we will be eleven billion. Astonishingly, brilliantly, and quite convincingly, he arrives at a balance that is more optimistic than you would expect.”

— Trevor Herriot, author of River in a Dry Land and The Road is How

Paul Hanley has published two books and thousands of articles on the environment, agriculture, and other topics. He has been environment columnist with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix since 1989. Paul is a recipient of the Canadian Environment Award. He lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with his wife and the youngest of three sons.


Paul Hanley

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