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  • Mr. Squeaks and Pugsy


    Mr. Squeaks and Pugsy is a story about a quiet squirrel "Mr. Squeaks", who has kept to himself, and enjoys his seclusion. His world is turned upside down when he is befriended by a little alien he has named "Pugsy". The two have a hard time getting ...

  • Thumper Finds A New Home


    Thumper and Thelma, two flying squirrels who live in an old attic with their many brothers and sisters, venture out one day and have an exciting adventure. They survive a rainstorm, play on the clouds, and even chase a rainbow! At the end of the ...

  • Tales From Grey Squirrel Manor #1

    A Tale of Two Squirrels by

    A charming story of a married couple, their golden retriever, and two squirrels who make a cozy home in their yard. This story is based on the daily observations of these delightful little animals. This story will capture a child’s interest- purely ...