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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Apricot Toy Poodle, Squirrel, Golf Balls, Camping, Cabin, Smokey River, Dog ownership

Max and the Golf Ball Bandit
by Janet Charlebois

Jannie and Max are on another adventure!

Jannie and Max, her apricot poodle, are off on a camping and golfing trip. Jannie golfs while Max rides in the golf cart. Jannie hits her ball down the fairway. But, when she goes to get it, she can’t find it anywhere.

When Jannie and Max return to the clubhouse, they discover other golfers are missing their balls too. It’s a mystery...but Max is on the case of the missing golf balls!

With humor and a focus on close friendships, Max and the Golf Ball Bandit leads the young reader through Jannie and Max’s investigation into the missing golf balls, showing the power of friendship, imagination, and persistence.

Max and the Golf Ball Bandit is an engaging tale of the value of relationships and the importance of perseverance.

Janet Charlebois photo

Janet Charlebois is the author of The Story of Max Copper Million book series. Janet lives in Peace River, Alberta Canada. Her love for animals inspires her to write and draw pictures from fond memories of her beloved dog Max.

A portion of the proceeds of this book and other upcoming books about Max will be donated to various animal rescue shelters.


Janet Charlebois

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