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How Squirrels Got Their Tails
by Lindsay Todeschini McCormack

Lindsay the Squirrel’s tail gets trapped under a falling tree, and her friends the Fox and the Groundhog try with all their might to free her. Little do they know that, up in the clouds, Trolls watch over all the animals in the forest. Something strange happens when the Trolls use their magic to free Lindsay’s tail—something that affects not just Lindsay, but every squirrel!

Full of friendship and teamwork, this charming fable tells the story of how squirrel tails came to look the way they do.

Lindsay Todeschini McCormack photo

Lindsay Todeschini McCormack originally wrote How Squirrels Got Their Tails as an English project when she was ten years old. She went on to attend LeMoyne College and now lives with her husband, Patrick, her twins, Eva Marie and Leo Patrick, and their dog, Nelli.


Lindsay Todeschini McCormack

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