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  • Dug & Rustle

    The Bear Brothers by

    It’s a beautiful day in the forest, and Sully the skunk is out looking for lunch. He spots a delicious-looking beetle, so he chases after it through a hollow log. However, while the beetle escapes, Sully gets stuck halfway through the log, with his ...

  • A Bug, A Slug, and a Ladybug


    A bug is a bug, and a slug is a slug. And everyone knows . . . bugs and slugs DO NOT mix! But when Barney the bug and Sally the slug fall in love, bugs everywhere begin to question what they were so sure of before. The entire bug kingdom watches as ...

  • Don't Eat Me, Crocodile


    A crocodile is in search of lemonade, but everyone is afraid of his pointy teeth! Join in the fun with a friendly crocodile as he finds out just what it takes to get the drink he craves.

  • Fancy Flamingo Makes Friends


    Fancy the Flamingo wants to help, join in games, and be included. But the other flamingos are always telling her she’s too little! So one night, Fancy decides it’s time to step out on her own to explore for herself. Her adventures through the zoo ...

  • On Falcon's Wings


    Meet Falcon - young, impulsive, perched hungrily on a chimney top. Where will his breakfast come from? Meet Rabbit - old, lonely, and sad, having broken his teeth on a juicy turnip. What is he to do without his sharp front teeth? And what will ...

  • The Not-So-Scary Scarecrow


    Jack, the Scarecrow, believes he has to be scary because he's a scarecrow. Until one day he realizes that just because he is a scarecrow doesn't mean he has to act like one. Read about Jack as he makes a few unlikely friendships and realizes that ...

  • Pinky The Purrminator

    Undercover Kitty by

    Pinky, the Purrminator shares her rescue story from the perspective of a displaced cat on the “inside”. She soon realizes that the life of a rescue animal is scary and sometimes hopeless. Yes, they have food and shelter, which is better than living ...

  • Runaway Rodents

    The Untold Story of Toronto’s Infamous Capybaras by

    Two capybaras are delivered to the Toronto High Park Zoo. When an opportunity to escape comes up, they take it! This sets off a frenzy across the city, with some Torontonians cheering the renegades on, and others plotting their downfall. Follow the ...

  • Mouzart


    Mouzart is a musical mouse who lives in my piano and plays by the light of the moon. There’s a big problem, though—he won’t let me sleep! In the middle of the night, while I’m lying in bed, Mouzart bounces around the piano, creating lively songs. ...

  • Daphne the Blind Dog Goes to School


    Daphne is a blind dog who is bored because she doesn't know how to play with toys. She goes to a dog training school to learn to play and have fun. When she starts nose work classes, she is nervous and scared. Daphne doesn't understand the game of ...