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  • No One Owns A Grizz


    Ryerson is a little boy with a very special friend named Grizz. Grizz is a grizzly bear, but he’s not just any grizzly bear. He can ride a bicycle and loves to wear a cap. He jogs and even chases Ryerson’s cat too. Grizz lives right in Ryerson’s ...

  • Fear in the Forest


    Fourteen-year-old cousins, Candace and Amber, share a Dene heritage but have lived very different lives. While Candace was raised in the North, following the northern traditions with her close-knit family and community, Amber grew up in Edmonton ...

  • Edgar's New Playmates


    A story of new friendships between a young bear, lamb, and elephant. A journey of adventure, imagination, and fun!

  • Beenie's Search


    Join Beenie, the friendly bear, as he searches for his family after hibernating for the long winter. Spring arrives and Beenie discovers that he is all alone. In search of food, friends and his family, Beenie gets side tracked and lost. When he ...

  • Mama Bear's Lullaby


    Mama Bear's Lullaby is a sweet story of a mama bear's love and protection for her newborn baby bear. Each day Mama Bear teaches Baby Bear all he needs to know to survive and flourish in the woods. And each night Baby Bear falls asleep safe within ...

  • Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams

    Inspired by Navajo Culture and Folklore by

    Winter is coming, but the little black bear, Lump Lump, isn’t ready to go to sleep! With the help of his mother, the wise Blue Bird, and his forest friends, Lump Lump gathers materials for Spider Woman to weave him a blanket of dreams. Inspired by ...

  • Chum!

    A bear story by

    In real life, black bears stay well clear of grizzly bears if they can help it. This is the whimsical tale set during the Chum salmon spawning run, that is told through photographs, and the eyes of a black bear cub as he crosses paths and ...

  • Bear Family Adventures


    What would happen if you took a family of bears out for a number of adventures? Perhaps they would find a lost cub they could comfort, go for an exciting day's sailing with exploring and fishing. They could climb rocks and pick blackberries. Then ...

  • Henry Goes Camping

    Henry's Bear Tales by

    Henry Brown is looking forward to nothing but a fun night camping with his friends when he is suddenly faced with the task of finding his little brother Sammy, who has gotten himself lost. Sammy, missing and alone for hours, needs his big brother to ...

  • Henry's Bear Tales

    Henry Babysits by

    Henry is a young bear reaching the responsable age of babysitting. He is confident that all will go well with his younger brother Sammy. What lies in store for Henry will prove to test his love, his patience, his knowledge and his need to be the ...